Overleven met basis Nederlands (A1)

In small groups, learn Dutch in a beginners' class based on oral communication.

With A1 level, you will be able to :

• Understand and use common expressions and basic statements to meet your concrete needs (order a coffee, shop, make an appointment, ask for help, write a simple email and answer it, talk about your daily habits...)

• Ask and answer questions to get to know someone.


Nederlands Nederlands voor elke dag (A2)

You already have some notions and you want to master the basics of the language while practicing it in everyday situations.

With A2 level, you will be able to :

• Understand and use frequently used phrases and expressions in relation to everyday situations, especially in the field of services (reception, shops, catering: take and place orders, telephone conversations, make reservations, communicate about a problem, ask and indicate the path...)

• Talk about yourself and talk about topics that are relevant to your immediate needs, talk about the past or the future.


Vlotter spreken zonder angst (B1.1 & B1.2)

At this level, you learn to speak fluently and confidently, developing your vocabulary in the subjects you choose and that are adapted by the teacher. He/she also offers you readings, podcasts and video programs from authentic Dutch-language media adapted to your level of knowledge (Metro, VTM, VRT, BRUZZ, etc.).

Everyone can learn to speak fluently. It just takes a little patience and… a good method!


MODULE OF 120 PERIODS (1 period corresponds to +/- 50 minutes)

Testing: from Monday 26/08/2024 to Thursday 29/08/2024

Courses: from Monday 02/09/2024 to Friday 24/01/2025

120 teaching hours : 1x/ week from 6 pm to 9 pm.

120 teaching hours : 2x/ week from 6 pm to 9 pm.





120 teaching hours : UE1 (A1) 


To take a level test and enrol in our courses, please make an appointment by calling 02/ 511 01 09


CPAB will not be held liable in the event there are no places left in the group of your level at the moment of your registration


For the first registration of the year, a 20 euro administrative fee is required.

For 120 teaching units :

Regular price : 250€ + 20€ = 270€

Unemployed or depending on CPAS persons: 160€ + 20€ = 180€  (Certificate from CPAS or Actiris required)

Student in another official school : 200€ + 20€  = 220€    (Certificate for 24-25 academic year required)


In accordance with Circulaire n° 7114 of 13/05/2019 of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, non-EU students without a valid Belgian residence card are subject to an additional registration fee of 90€ per session of 120 teaching units a max global amount of 238€/academic year