Dutch is not only one of the official languages in Belgium, but also an essential tool on the Brussels job market. You will have plenty of opportunities to use it as it is spoken in Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands. The Dutch language will be a means for you to discover some dynamic and trendy Flemish cities that have made history.

120 teaching hours

Courses: from 14/09/2020 till 31/01/2021

NEXT SESSION in February 21

Once or twice a week from 6 pm till 9 pm

UE1 (A1) till UE4 (B1) and Conversation groups - once or twice a week


By appointment only. Please phone 02/ 511 01 09 from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 am till 1 pm 



  • 195€ (120 teaching hours twice a week) – 75€ (40 teaching hours once a week)
  • Registered jobseekers and CPAS = 95€** (twice a week) – 45€** (once a week)
  • Students in another official school = 145€*** (twice a week) – 55€*** (once week)

* First registration: +20 € administration fee

* Non EU nationals without a residence permit are subject to additional registration fees (90€)

** Bring a certificate from CPAS or A15 (Actiris)

*** Bring registration certificate from other schools for the year 20-21

The registration may be refused to non-EU residents who do not have a valid passport or Visa.