French is one of the official languages in Belgium and a working language for the European Institutions. As such, it is an essential tool for those who want to settle and find a job in the Belgian capital (the French-speaking population of Brussels makes up more than 80 % of its residents). Whether in Brussels or Wallonia, you will find yourself using French in your daily activities. French will also open the doors to French culture, cinema and literature. It will be also possible for you to speak with the other French-speaking communities around the world.

120 teaching hours

Testing: on Monday 3 May and Tuesday 4 May by appointment only. Please call CPAB at 02/ 511 01 09.

Courses: from 03/05/2021 till 30/06/2021.

3x per week from 9 am to 1 pm.

UE1 (A1) till UE10 (C1)

Registration and testing on 03/05 and 04/05/2021 by appointment only. Please call CPAB at 02/ 511 01 09.


Normal price: 235€

Full registered jobseekers and CPAS = 145€**

Students in other official schools = 185€***

* First registration: +20€ administration fee

* Non EU nationals without a residence permit are subject to additional registration fees (90€)

** Bring a certificate from CPAS or A15 (Actiris)

*** Bring registration certificate from other schools for the year 20-21

The registration may be refused to non-EU residents who do not have a valid passport or Visa.