English is used as the language for international relations, as a working language in the European Institutions, and as an official language in many countries worldwide. It is the language for business, science and technology, and a major asset for those who want to travel and find a job all around the world. English will also give you access to the Anglo-Saxon culture, cinema, authors and songs.

120 teaching hours

Courses: from 14/09/2020 till 31/01/2021

NEXT SESSION in February 21


Once or twice a week from 6 pm to 9 pm

UE1 (A1) till UE8 (B2)


By appointment only. Please call 02/ 511 01 09 from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 till 1 pm.



Normal price: 235€

Full registered jobseekers and CPAS = 145€**

Students in other official schools = 185€***

* First registration: +20€ administration fee

* Non EU nationals without a residence permit are subject to additional registration fees (90€)

** Bring a certificate from CPAS or A15 (Actiris)

*** Bring registration certificate from other schools for the year 20-21

The registration may be refused to non-EU residents who do not have a valid passport or Visa.