Basics of English (A1)  - 120 teaching hours - 2x/week (From September 2024)

In small groups and in a pleasant atmosphere, come and discover English in a speaking-oriented course for beginners, which will allow you to get real fast results. 

What will you be able to do after completing level A1? 

You will be able to communicate in a simple way, in other words: 

  • understand and use colloquial expressions and very basic statements to meet your practical needs (ordering coffee, asking for directions, making an appointment, asking for help, writing a simple email, …) 
  • ask someone questions and answer the same kind of questions to get to know each other. 


English for Everyday Life (A2) - 80 teaching hours - 2x/week (From September 2024)

Master the useful basics of English while practising the language in everyday situations, in a relaxed atmosphere. 

What will you be able to do at the end of level A2 ? 

You will be able to communicate in both formal and informal contexts, that is to say: 

  • understand and use phrases and expressions frequently used in different areas of everyday life, particularly in the area of services (reception, shops, restaurants and cafés: taking and placing orders, feeling at ease in telephone conversations, making reservations, dealing with a problem, going to the doctor...) 
  • talk about yourself and talk about topics that meet your immediate needs. 


Real language in real context (B1.1) - 80 teaching hours - 2x/week

  • PERSONA DATA (education, social background, leisure, etc.) 
  • INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION (expressing likes & dislikes, meeting people, comparing cultures, giving advice, etc.) 
  • BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH (basic- asking about jobs / places of work, schedules, describing typical days, making appointments, phone calls, etc.) 


Build your confidence to communicate 1 (B1.2) - 80 teaching hours - 2x/week

  • PERSONAL & INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION (relationships, apologizing, asking for information, etc.) 
  • SERVICES / TRAVELLING (expressing (dis)satisfaction, describing people & places, cultural differences, etc.) 
  • BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH (job interviews, application letters, salaries, positions (advantages / disadvanatges), safety instructions, etc.) 


Build your confidence to communicate 2 (level B1.3) - 80 teaching hours - 2x/week

  • CURRENT AFFAIRS (social issues, crime & punishment, etc.) 
  • BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH (describing companies / tasks, ordering, complaining, making short presentations, etc.) 




MODULE OF 120 PERIODS (1 period corresponds to +/- 50 minutes)

Testing: from Monday 26/08/2024 to Thursday 29/08/2024

Courses: from Monday 02/09/2024 to Friday 24/01/2025

Once or twice a week from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Levels : From B1.1 to B1.3

To take a level test and enrol in our courses, please make an appointment by calling 02/ 511 01 09


CPAB will not be held liable in the event there are no places left in the group of your level at the moment of your registration

For the first registration of the year, a 20 euro administrative fee is required.

For 40 teaching units :

Regular price : 90€ + 20€ = 110€

Unemployed or depending on CPAS persons: 60€ + 20€ = 80€  (Certificate from CPAS or Actiris required)

Student in another official school : 75€ + 20€  = 95€    (Certificate for 23-24 academic year required)


In accordance with Circulaire n° 7114 of 13/05/2019 of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, non-EU students without a valid Belgian residence card are subject to an additional registration fee of 90€ per session of 120 teaching units a max global amount of 238€/academic year