Free courses in partnership with Actiris. We offer several levels of learning for:

Beginners :

Basis Nederlands (Basic Dutch)

Overleven met een basis Nederlands (Basic Dutch 2)

Those who already know the language a little :

Vlot spreken (speak fluently)

Those who know it well :

Stoomcursus (Intensive Dutch)

MODULE OF 120 PERIODS (1 period corresponds to +/- 50 minutes)

Courses: From Monday 12/09/2022 to Sunday 20/11/2022 - In partnership with ACTIRIS

3 times a week in the morning from 9 am to 1:00 pm.

UE1 (A1) – UE2 (A2) – UE3 (B1-)

  1. Please ask of a language-cheque at ACTIRIS first;
  2. As soon as you receive your language-cheque, call CPAB immediately in order to make an appointment, test your level and confirm your registration before the courses start.

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