CPAB is an officially recognised school of the « Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles ». It was created 45 years ago. The school offers you an interactive teaching method in small groups with modern high tech material and provides you at the end of each level with an official certificate recognised by the « Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles ».



At CPAB we think that oral communication is the key point for learning a language. Therefore our pedagogy is obviously mainly based on it. Our main objective is to have our students speaking so that they can feel self-confident in their ability to speak and also to be understood in another language. But communication is also being able to understand others in written as well as oral messages.

Reading the news, listening to a song, enjoying a movie are activities based on authentic material that our team is eager to use in their classes. Making you more familiar with the culture of the language is at the core of our pedagogy.

Learning a foreign language is based on three fundamental elements: both a rigorous and flexible methodology, a motivated learner and a competent teacher. Personal motivation being obviously essential in any learning process, our pedagogy aims at enabling our students to be active players in class.

Our team of teachers work in close collaboration in order to constantly improve their teaching techniques, sharing their experience and expertise to adjust the classes to your personal needs and creating a pleasant, comfortable and friendly atmosphere.



CPAB’s state-of-the-art equipment will help you make quick progress in your learning experience. You will be able to work on your listening and oral skills (e.g. your pronunciation) under your teacher’s supervision. You will be able to put into practice your grammar and lexical knowledge in a series of interactive, tailor-made exercises that suit your level. All our classrooms have multimedia equipment, including smartboards in some of them.

IT courses are taught in French. As each student has a computer at his/her disposal, you will be able to master the use of all the main software programmes through a series of practical exercises.

Our teaching staff is trained in the best teaching methods. You will be taught by fully-qualified teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of the language they teach (most of them are native-speakers). Our staff takes part in regular training sessions in which their teaching experience is shared.

In order to have homogeneous groups and a better interaction opportunity, all our students are asked to take a placement test at the start of a new session. Once your level has been assessed, you will be part of a small group of students (8 – 16 maximum).

Thirty bright classrooms, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, courses taught by a teaching staff composed of thirty teachers contributing to creating an atmosphere both studious and warm.

Our secretaries welcome you with a smile and remain at your disposal for any information concerning the courses or school functioning.

For students: reduced registration fee, preservation of their status and family allowances.

For job seekers* and those depending on CPAS: reduction of the registration fee.

For workers: the possibility of benefiting from educational leave.

*Condition : receive full-time unemployment benefits and provide document A15

Located in a nice area, close to Louise Square and the Bailly / Chatelain district, CPAB is easily accessible by metro (Louise ), trams 92, 94, 97 and bus 54.